CTA: Charles County Public Hearing Sept 11

Sept 11 Charles County HearingCharles County- let’s summarize what we are known for: the worst housing affordability in the State of Maryland; second highest property taxes; worst commute in the nation and over a third of our own residents an emergency from homelessness. The majority of the Board of County Commissioners are ready to add the worst economic development environment with the proposal to give the 200-acre Indian Head Technology Park to the Conservancy of Charles County as a conservation easement or worse, irreversible trust. 

The future of Indian Head and the Naval Base, at the forefront of national defense and the current largest employer in the county, lays in the hands of the Board. With the adjacent Maryland Airport, and potential investors watching closely to what the Board does with this land, this decision will make or break Charles County and its opportunity to provide economic development, workforce opportunity, and financial security for the county. 

County Commissioners have already spent $6.2 million of our tax money to purchase the land and now want to take away any opportunity to turn it into an investment- no efforts to put it on the market; reverse the zoning from the controversial Watershed District to an opportunity to create further economic opportunities for residents. Imagine instead this land is placed on the market, sold to investors and new business is created alongside new jobs, less traffic leaving the county and more opportunity right here in Charles County. Newly generated tax dollars could fully fund the education budget, law enforcement and return the property tax to constant yield and take the burden off each Charles County resident to make up for irresponsible spending. How much more can Charles County families afford when there are bills to pay, children to raise and a commute battle every day? We all deserve better.

Come to the public hearing and say NO. 

Attend the Public Hearing
September 11, 2018 at 6 p.m. 
Charles County Government Building
200 Baltimore Street, La Plata