Charles Passes WCD 3-2: 9,500 Property Owners Affected

Charles County Hearing 060617At the Charles County Commissioners on June 6, 2017, Commissioner Bobby Rucci made a motion to move the watershed district to a ballot referendum with Commissioner Debra Davis seconding the motion. After receiving county staff guidance, both commissioners removed the original motion to request the other commissioners not make a motion in favor of the watershed proposed district.

Commissioner Stewart then made a motion to pass the watershed district which was seconded by President Murphy. During discussion, both Commissioners Davis and Rucci spoke passionately against the passage of the watershed. A final vote of 3-2 with the "three" voting the watershed through.

SMAR has been vehemently opposed alongside with its membership, clients and much of the social media opinion we have heard from throughout the last several months. We will continue to fight this and we plan to replace the anti property owner votes in 2018. It should be noted several candidates for county commissioner and other 2018 offices were in attendance at the hearing today. Reach out and ask us how.