How to Navigate Through This New Real Estate Reality Webinar





Things are changing at what feels like the speed of light, and you may be struggling to adapt your mindset and skillsets fast enough to keep up. That’s why we're bringing this training session to you. With humor, heart, and a healthy dose of how-to’s, Darryl will share what you need to do right now to navigate through this new real estate reality.

On this training, you will learn:

  • Adapt to change with less fear and stress
  • How to stay focused and agile despite chaotic external circumstances
  • How to explain to buyers why now is still a good time to buy real estate
  • The top five activities you should do now to generate business in the next 30 days
  • The best tools, apps, and strategies to adapt to a virtual world in this new real estate reality

If you’re ready to tackle the new reality with skills and tools necessary to thrive regardless of turbulent times - don’t miss a minute of this session.

Presenter: Darryl Davis, CSP, Real Estate Coach

Cost: FREE

When: May 7th

Time: 12pm EST